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Dad, Aunty Nellie, Mum at caravan at Heysham  1947

While researching our families, we've come across many interesting stories, some of them strange, some of them sad. To see more, take a look under Family Stories in the next column.

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We would like to thank everyone who has contributed information, references, pictures and their time in helping us discover so much!

Brian and Eileen


Some of our family surnames

Eileen's side: Entwisle, Entwistle, Jones, Garner, Marsden, Rogers, Holden, Hall, Waddicor, Lakelin, Haworth, Bavington, Siddall, Jackson

Brian's side: Cowen, Brown, Sloan, Wylie, Banks, Maginnes, Robertson, Roughsedge, Frampton, Caldwell, Carmichael, Tannahill, Robinson, Fitzsimmons, Burke, Blackadder, Robin, Coventry, Ferguson

The Entwisle family has its own organisation, the Entwistle Family History Association which is open to all Entwistles and their relatives, however distant.

For more about Liverpool families, try the Liverpool and SW Lancashire Family History Society site.

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Family Stories

You can read some of the stories we've found by following the links below.

Cheyne Walk The Infant Magnet Charlotte Smith - Child Star. The show-business career of a young girl performing amazing feats in Victorian England.

Albert Garner 1915 A diary from the Great War Eileen first read about her Uncle Albert's Great War Diary in our local paper in the 1980's. The original is now lodged in the Imperial War Museum; our copy is here, with pictures.

Amiens St Leu Church Postcards from the trenches For many years, we had some very old French postcards Brian's uncle sent to his family from the World War I trenches. Next to the cards, we've added what was happening in the Somme area where they were written in 1917 and 1918.

24 Cheyne Walk Married at 17 to a man of 55! Imagine the tabloid headlines if this happened today! A rather curious tale in one of the Cowens' female lines. In 1862 a pregnant Charlotte Smith, then aged 17, married Charles Fossett aged 55 and after his death, great-uncle John Robertson.

SS ChinaAllan Wylie, Chief Engineer Grandma Cowen's father died off Egypt in 1872, the year she was born. As Chief Engineer on an early steamship, he led a fascinating life!

Judge The Trial of William Garner One day, we opened a death certificate for Eileen's great-grandmother. It said she'd been murdered - by her husband! We include much of the evidence from the trial - you must decide your own verdict!

Lancaster B1 Shot down! Grandmother Brown had twins in 1924. Leslie and Dave fought in the Second World War. Leslie worked in the Navy on radar and survived for a few more years until dying of leukaemia but Dave, an airman, was shot down. These pages explore aspects of his life in the RAF.

Robert TannahillRobert Tannahill The Paisley Poet, Brian's cousin 5 times removed, formed the first Burns Club and wrote the poem behind "Will ye go lassie, go! (Wild Mountain Thyme)

Asylum plan Post-natal depression? Ann Entwisle, one of Eileen's great-great-grandmothers, was missing from the census of 1851 then, Eileen found her on the census for Lancaster - in the Asylum being cared for by Mrs Gaskell's enlightened brother.

Catherine McGuinness Fighting Victorian slums Brian's roots are in Liverpool; his Brown family came from 19th century Liverpool - not the prosperous, ship-owning cotton-dealing Liverpool but the slum areas of the north of the city, where deadly diseases, overcrowding, hunger and poor sanitation and water were endemic.

Latest News
November 2019 - The Infant Magnet. The continuing story of Charlotte Smith.

February 2018 - New templates and updates for Great War Diary, Uncle Willie's Postcards and Shot Down, the story of Dave Brown's last flight in World War II.

January 2018 - A makeover for the Robert Tannahill story.

November 2013 - A new look for the front page!

March 2011 - Allan Carmichael Wylie, Chief Engineer, 1833-1872

March 2011 - Lots more about Montague Hollingham Robertson

6 February 2011 - NEW! The story of Robert Tannahill, the Paisley Poet

29 November 2010 - Added Edward Entwistle, driver of the early locomotive, the "Rocket". Not one of our Entwistles but a very interesting man. Thanks to Richard Entwistle for much of the research.

11 November 2010 - Found details of the death of Lt Charles Wright, MC, at the battle of the Marne, 27 May 1918

6 May 2010 - Added a whole new look to our site!

2006 - Began our family history research.