RAF Wickenby

Aerial photo of Wickenby

RAF Wickenby was built as a bomber base in late 1942 and early 1943. It had three hangars, three runways, a watchtower and quarters for staff and crew.

In September 1942, No 12 Squadron arrived at Wickenby with Wellingtons, but during the winter of 1942/43 they converted to Lancasters. The Squadron flew Lancasters throughout the rest of the war. On November 7th 1943, C Flight was expanded to become 626 Squadron, also flying Lancasters. More details can be found on the Wickenby Museum site which has been recently updated and improved.

Wickenby map

Wickenby airmen took part in many big raids including Munich, Nuremberg, Essen, Maillie-Le-Camp, and Caen. They also raided the German capital; Dave Brown's final raid was to Berlin.