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'Mac' and Ruth McMurray 1, Alderney Street, Westminster, London, England 127 Duke Street, Liverpool in 2010 148 Fairbridge Road U. Holloway.jpg 1827- St.Martinís, Birmingham 188 Euston Road 188 Euston Road (left) 1878 1908 cup Darwen 1932 Entwistle Family holiday in Brighton 1932 Entwistle family holiday in Brighton 1
1932 Entwistle family holiday in Brighton 3 1932 Entwistle family holiday in Brighton 4 1932 Entwistle family holiday in Brighton 5 2 Hartham Road Upper  Holloway 24 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea 4 Grenville Road U. Holloway 40 Upper Church Street, Brighton 4th East Lancs in Egypt 6 Entwistle brothers.jpg 6th Foot soldier Napoleonic Wars.jpg
8 Eastern Terrace, Brighton 81 Farringdon Street 82 Regent Street (left of flag) 83 Hartham Road U. Holloway 9 Devenant Road U. Holloway Affetside Skull Agnes McClure's photo on 1925 passport application Agnes Wilson Alan & Elsie Cowen
Albert Basilica WW1 handkerchief Albert Edward Entwistle aged 14.jpg Albert Edward Entwistle-1.jpg Albert Edward in Army  Royal Field Artillery.jpg Albert Edward Rogers Albert Edward Rogers 1918 Albert Garner Albert Robertson by Mons Louis Alice Ann Haslam Entwisle, about 1920
Alice, wife of Hugh Robertson Allan Cowen WW1 Anchor Hotel, Darwen Andrew Reid's death reg. 1872 Andrew Ure Ann Dilworth Ann Dilworth Ann, John B, William Collins (Ethel's husband), Ethel Maud (1892) & Evelyn ANNIE BANKS Annie Entwistle & Harry Haworth's wedding
Atlas Road James and Catherine Entwistle Auntie Annie, Uncle Harry, Auntie Mary Auntie Janet (Janet Carmichael Cowen) Auntie Margaret aged 16, Lena Sharples her cousin Auntie Nellie (Ellen Ferguson Cowen) Aunty Mary & Uncle Jim Deakin, Mass. USA - 1950's
Aunty Mary's ship to USA  Jun 1916 Back of Mons Louis photos Banks Wood     Alice Ann Wood (1886) Bella Quane, Quane children and Janet Cowen Bert & Lizzie wedding day 23 Nov 1905 Bert and Frank, sons of William & Mary Entwistle 1912 Bill & Dora Entwistle's wedding Bill Entwisle 1930
Bill Entwistle 1916 Bill Entwistle in WW1 trenches Birth entry at Middle Church, Paisley
Brilliant Postcard Front Canadian cousins Castle St Paisley Catherine Entwisle Banks  possibly Catherine McGuinness - possible cell at Darwen police station cell at Darwen police station ii
Charles and Alice Entwistle family Charles Wright (Jeanie Wylie's husband) Charles Wright, carter Charlie Wright Charlie Wright as a young WW1 officer Charlie Wright schoolboy Charlotte Robertson 1880's London Charlotte Robertson 1880's London reverse Cheyne Walk Cheyne Walk 1865.jpg

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