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1 8b p 1421 Family: F638
2 8b page 725 Family: F697
3 Allan was a widower. Witnesses were Lancelot Thompson Hope and Margaret Eastburn Family: F843
4 Andrew Tannahill and Janet Allison probably lived in Paisley after their marriage in 1824. Family: F982
5 Betty (17), daughter of James Entwistle, married James Entwistle (23), son of William Entwistle. Family: F112
6 Blackburn 8e 796 Learned to read after his marriage - wife taught him to read newsprint Family: F324
7 Both described as being 'of Garstang' on register. Witnesses were John Cross and Henry Lucas Family: F773
8 both of the parish of Halsall
Witnesses: John Howard, John Bolton 
Family: F1125
9 Both were living at 24 Sparrow Corner, close to the Tower of London.
Witnesses were Helen Smith and Thomas Kennett. This would be the Ellen Philp, Charlotte's sister, who later cared for her children Charlotte and Albert. 
Family: F2142
10 Both were living at 24 Sparrow Corner, close to the Tower of London. Witnesses were Helen Smith and Thomas Kennett. This Helen would be the Ellen Philp, Charlotte's sister, who later cared for her children Charlotte and Albert. Family: F2466
11 Both widowed. John lived at Beau Street, Elizabeth at Edgar Street, Liverpool at marriage. Witnesses were Joseph Sutton and Ann Caldwell Family: F642
12 Charles Wright - Child of Charles Wright & Jeannie Born: 16 Aug 1896 Abode: 85 Alwyn Street Occupation: Book Keeper Baptised by: Geo. Fewster  
13 Claude (32) married Margaret Johnson (29) M. He was then a foreman iron moulder, described as a widower of 285 Crown St Glasgow. Margaret was a spinster, described as a china merchant of 174 Main St, Anderston, Glasgow. Witnesses were John Somerville and Margaret Stirk. Family: F753
14 Copy of a letter from Mr. Thomas Tannahill, in Paisley to his relations in America Dated Paisley, 19th, May, 1824 Dear Aunts: Your nephews on this side of the water are longing to hear from you. We would take it very kindly if you would correspond with us and let us know the situation of your families. Although our fathers are no more, we would not wish you to forget us their children. We will not trouble you with anything belonging to this country- but what we think will be more interesting to you, some particulars respecting our own families. I am the only one of your nephews here that recollects our uncles. I assisted one or other of them at times as a draw boy. I have Uncle John's lamp which our father kept as long as he lived, it has stood in the same place, since our uncle went away which is about fifty years ago. Our father died about two years ago aged near eighty seven years. He left two sons, two daughters with their families, with brother Robert's widow and family. Robert died about six years ago. Our uncle James died many years since. Our father and uncle James lived on the greatest friendship, they were respected by all who knew them while they lived, and were regretted when they died. I hope it was so with our uncles Robert and John. I remember they were like one another for the amiableness of their temper, and we are happy to say that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were noted for their piety; which I hope will be said of their children for many generations. The last account we heard of you was from Mr. Samuel Purden who came over about the end of the war. He informed us of the welfare of your families. He gave us some hopes that some of your sons would pay us a visit, which we would be very glad to realize. With respect to my family I have three sons one of who is married in Glasgow very comfortable, has five children. Another is married in this town -has two children. Our youngest is at home with us. My wife and myself are on the decline of live, we cannot wait here. You will see by our packet of letters how kindly we would take it if any of your would correspond with us. I will add no more but hope this will come safe to hand. I remain your loving nephew. (signed) Thomas Tannahill Family: F906
15 could this be sister of Jane Bellis (John Maginness' grandmother? Family: F641
16 Described as 'farmer' on marriage certificate.  
17 Family memory that there was a coat of arms for this family. Family: F636
18 Finally Janet married Richard Harrison using her defacto name "Maitland". Family: F2140
19 For 'names of parents'
- for 'father' certificate states 'A home boy'
- for 'mother' it states 'not known' 
Family: F2430
20 GRO Index: 1871 MAR Mansfield 7b 103 Family: F168
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1060
22 His cousin, the Paisley Poet Robert Tannahill, was best man at the wedding. Family: F994
23 Hugh Mitchell Robertson married Eliza Wilson in the early summer of 1868 in Liverpool. At that time he was a fireman, living at West Derby Workhouse, Rice Lane, Walton. Family: F744
24 In 1859 Isabella married Allan Wylie at her home in Glasgow on the same day as the registration of the birth of their first child, John Robertson Tannahill Wylie (he had been born at 8.00 am).. At that time her address was recorded as 176 Kent Road, Glasgow where the marriage took place. Allan was working as an engineer. His address was 401 St Vincent Street.
"On the 28th day of April 1859 at 176 Kent Road, Glasgow, marriage (after banns) was solemnised between us according to the forms(?) of the Free Church of Scotland"
Signed by Allan Carmichael Wylie
Signed Isabella Coventry Robertson, her X mark.
AGE: Allan 25, Isabella 24.
OFFICIATING MINISTER: James Henderson, minister of Free St Enoch's
WITNESSES: James ......, David Tannahill 
Family: F698
25 In 1870 John married Charlotte Fossette in London. His address was 48 Bacceer St, St James', Westminster, London. Charlotte's address was 24 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. Witnesses were Selina Fossett (neice of Charlotte's first husband) and J F Clarke (executor of first husband's will).
(Westminster St J. 1a 583 Q1 1870) 
Family: F795
26 Janet married James Mitchell 3 December 1837 at Abbey, Paisley. James was a widower, his wife Marion Dunsmore had died possibly after the birth of their child, Mary, in early 1837. Family: F996
27 Janet then housekept for William Maitland to whom she had a child Sarah whom he acknowledged in his will. Family: F2178
28 John Sloan had 9 children including Nora who married ? Wagner, Roslyn's parents
Family: F1107
29 John was married to Catherine and had a son, James, and was living at 43 Batchelor Street by December 1868. Family: F714
30 Margaret was the daughter of the household where Hugh boarded in 1861. Family: F1647
31 Marriage: 2 Sep 1863 St Mary, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England
James Field - 36 years Labourer Bachelor of Bootle
Martha Roughsedge - 28 years Spinster of Liverpool
Groom's Father: George Field, deceased, Rope Maker
Bride's Father: Thomas Roughsedge, deceased, Labourer
Witness: George L Fearon; Ann Fearon, (X)
Married by Certifcate by: C E Titterton Curate
Register: Marriages 1863 - 1866, Page 15, Entry 30
Source: LDS Film 1647986 
Family: F1767
32 Married by banns. Witnesses James Liptrot, James Ward. (? no.796) Family: F81
33 Married under Ellen's previous husband's surname - Ellen Parker. Family: F2211
34 Montagu Robertson Farmer, age 31. Church of England. Usual residence Aberfoyle. Father: Robertson, first name not known, profession: clerk. Mother's name not known. Family: F2431
35 Name: Charles William Fossett Spouse Name: Florence Watson Marriage Date: 29 Jan 1927 Marriage Place: Queensland Registration Place: Queensland Registration Year: 1927 Registration number: 000172 Page Number: 1322 Family: F2475
36 Name: Chas Pat Fossett Spouse Name: Ellen Bridt Mahony Marriage Place: Victoria Registration Place: Victoria Registration Year: 1893 Registration number: 5956 Family: F2473
37 Name: Henry Fossett Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1885 Registration district: Dublin South Volume: 2 Page: 495 FHL Film Number: 101255 Family: F2470
38 Name: Hy Fossett Spouse Name: Jean Sophia Hunter Marriage Place: Victoria Registration Place: Victoria Registration Year: 1891 Registration number: 7342 Family: F2471
39 Oldham 8d 1203 Q3 1923 Family: F856
40 One of the witnesses on the marriage certificate was Elizabeth Bradburn her sister. Her father is given as George Cowen who was actually her brother. Her father William died in 1905 several years before the marriage, as George was 19 years older than Edith he must have assumed the roll of parent. Family: F704
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F909
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1408
43 Paddington 1a 71 Q1 1893 Family: F891
44 Q3 Chelsea 1a 268 1855. Both home addresses are Walham Green, Chelsea.  
45 Robert Tannahill married Sallie Sims on Oct 05, 1860 in Warren, NC  
46 Samuel Gilchrist was a joiner Her address was 19 Regent Street, Greenock, Scotland. Samuel’s address was 2 Wallace (or Willow?) Street, Clydebank, Scotland. Family: F1038
47 Sarah married in April 1871 (on the day of the census). Witnesses were William James Sumner Fallcross (?) and Helen Robertson Family: F743
48 She then married Robert Howe who had also lost his wife aboard the ship, they parted company, a case of the custom of de facto "divorce" so called because divorce was not available to the masses, so the parties agreed to go their separate ways and hoped they did not get caught. Both remarried ten years later. Family: F2177
49 St Luke's Church was at the top of Bold St - only the exterior remains - the interior was destroyed in WW2. Witnesses: Charles Groves and Laura Groves? Family: F825
50 Thomas Edward Entwistle, aged 18,Weaver, 15 Hill St Blackburn. To. Mary King , Weaver, 3 Bentham St, Livesey,Blackburn. Grooms father William Entwistle, Overlooker, Brides father, Jonathon King, a Weaver. Witnesses:-Ralph Entwistle,Martha Weaver Family: F84

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