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51 vol 1a p.268  
52 VRMCAN1923_102559 - family history microfilm Family: F794
53 West Derby 8b 1033 Q3 1912 Family: F932
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F884
55 West Derby 8b 752 Q4 1897
Witnesses were David McCloy and Clara Diggles 
Family: F880
56 West Derby 8b 934 Q4 1894 Family: F899
57 West Derby 8b 969 Q4 1902 Family: F888
58 West Derby 8b 970 Q2 1904 Family: F886
59 Witnesses James Jennings and ??? Robertson Family: F745
60 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F893
61 Witnesses were Charlotte Robertson and Maude Potter. Family: F2330
62 Witnesses were Daniel Bartley and Jane Ann Dryden.
Daniel Bartley was living at 67 Circus Street, Islington with his wife and family in 1861. 
Family: F715
63 Witnesses were Edmund Banks and Margaret Wood. Family: F1011
64 Witnesses were Frederick Walker and Elizabeth Mitchell Ferguson Thomas. Family: F846
65 Witnesses were Henry Marsden and Hannah Moore Family: F139
66 Witnesses were John Brown, Sarah Brown and Doris Margery Parr.
Mary's address was 22 Adelaide Street. 
Family: F630
67 Witnesses were John Tannahill Robertson and Jean Tannahill Robertson Family: F746
68 Witnesses were Joseph J. Cowen & Jeanie Wright.
Tom's address was 44 Juliet Street Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Bella's address was 109 Medlock Street Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire 
Family: F629
69 Witnesses were Joseph J. Cowen & Jeanie Wright.
Tom's address was 44 Juliet Street Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Bella's address was 109 Medlock Street Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire.

Diamond wedding was celebrated a year early - on 25 Dec 1954! Was Tom too ill to wait? He died the following June. 
Family: F629
70 Witnesses were Richard Robinson and Jane Ann Gregg. Richard was Ann's older brother (see 1841 census). John lived in Birkett Street, Ann in Wright Street. Family: F635
71 Witnesses were T(?) Rutters and Mary Nolan. Family: F633
72 Witnesses: Allan Wylie Milton and Elizabeth Mitchell Ferguson Thomas West Derby 8b 934 Q4 1894 Family: F845
73 Witnesses: Maud Fossett and C.J. Griffin. Family: F2234
74 Wolverhampton
Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands
6b page 731

Church of England Registers
The register of St Thomas commences in 1751. The original registers for the period 1751-1974 (Bapts), 1849-1986 (Mar) & 1751-1967 (Bur) are deposited at Staffordshire Record Office. 
Family: F699
75 Worked on trams in Liverpool.
Witnesses Thomas Ure and Janet Wylie 
Family: F741
76 Elizabeth Jones was the informant. Jane Arneil
77 There is this inscription on a grave at St Chad's Kirkby "1819 2Br/ The Burial Place of/ James Caldwell Knowsley/ To the Memory of/ Margaret wife of the said James/ Caldwell who departed this Life/ the 17th day of May 1819 in the 38th/ Year of her Age" Margaret Ashcroft
78 West Derby vol 20 p 1000 Ellen BANKS
79 Warrington area? Source Citation: Place: Stanley, Lancashire, England; Date Range: 1832 - 1846; Film Number: 1468983. Mary BANKS
80 Cannot find census 1851 on Ancestry. Barbara MacPherson found it via another site. Thomas BANKS
81 In the early spring of 1891 there is a record of a Thomas Banks (born 1811)having died at West Derby. (West Derby Lancashire vol 8b page 489) Thomas BANKS
82 Burial: 24 Feb 1802 St. Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Ann Robinson - wife of James Robinson
Age: 46 yrs
Abode: Shaws Alley
Occupation: Blacksmith
Register: Burials 1795 - 1804, Page 108, Entry 7
Source: LDS Film 93873
Ann Bellis
83 Info from Susan Smith Nicholas Velnoweth BENNETTS
84 Listed in the Roll of Honour in the Darwen News, Saturday 4th January 1919.
Not listed on CWGC, but Nicholas' name said to be included on a broken war memorial.
Message from Tony Foster 27 Feb 2013:
" I note you mentioned his name is included on a broken war memorial which had been dumped.
This war memorial was "dumped" in Darwen Cemetery and I am working with the Friends of Darwen Cemetery and I have been researching this War Memorial. I can confirm that it was from the Redearth Road Primitive Methodist Church, Darwen. and I am now researching the 31 names that appeared on this memorial. " 
Nicholas Velnoweth BENNETTS
85 The following 'In Memoriam' appeared in The Darwen Weekly Advertiser, June 22, 1917:

In loving memory of Pte. Nicholas V Bennetts, 2/4th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, the dearly beloved husband of Sarah Jane Bennetts, who died June 17th, 1916, aged 24 years, and was interred at the Darwen Cemetery, June 22nd.
One year has passed, but still we miss him,
Never shall his memory fade;
Loving thoughts shall ever linger
Round the grave where he is laid.
From his dearly beloved Wife, Father, Mother, and Family, 66, London-terrace, Darwen'
Thanks to Tony Foster for this newspaper extract.
Also from Tony Foster:
" I have been in contact with the "In From The Cold" project. This is the group who research individuals missing from the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website with a view to getting therm listed.

The team have looked at all the information I have sent on Nicholas and unfortunately he does not meet the criteria required for listing."
Nicholas Velnoweth BENNETTS
86 The following appeared in the Darwen News 1916 Jun 24: After only seven weeks as a member of his Majesty?s Forces, death has removed from the ranks of the army, Private Nicholas V Bennetts, whose home is at 8, Perry-street. Deceased soldier enlisted and joined his regiment, the 2-4th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, as stated. He had not been in the army many days when his health broke down. In due course he was brought back home where he died on Saturday last. Deceased, who was 24 years of age, and previous to entering the army, followed his employment as a weaver at Olive Mill. Private Bennetts was a member of the Redearth-road Primitive Methodist Sunday School, and at the funeral at the Darwen Cemetery on Thursday, the Rev. J Hodges was the officiating minister. Nicholas Velnoweth BENNETTS
87 William and Margaret Entwistle and family http://trees.ancestry.com/rd?f=image&guid=0976778d-b688-4f7e-883b-cff1fcd6ccc0&tid=4166381&pid=-1644114599 Walter BIBBY
88 Burial Lair Certificate 533 Compartment 6 Lairs 4914 and 4915. William BLACKADDER
89 This was Katy Bretherton's mother. She married and lived in Manchester area but came back to live in one of her father's 'New Houses' around the time Katy was born. Catherine BRETHERTON
90 Born after his brother David drowned in canal so given his name. David BROWN
91 Fell over chain fence by St George's Hall, Liverpool, banged head, developed meningitis and he died in 1900. David BROWN
92 Gravestone placed in 1947 David BROWN
93 Night Flight to Berlin

In March 1944, 12 Squadron took part in raids into Germany and occupied France.

Dave's plane, ND439, flew to Berlin in February and to Leipzig and Stuttgart in March. In his last week, my uncle's squadron flew to Frankfurt twice, and to Bergerac, Angouleme and Lyon. On the 24/25 March it was part of the fateful raid on Berlin.

94 Played truant from school - went to Leeds/Liverpool Canal by 'Fairy Sugarhouse'. Jumped in and stuck in mud. His mother was worrying about where he was when some children brought a bundle of his wet clothes and threw them into lobby saying that he had drowned. David BROWN
95 possible birth/christening James BROWN
96 Vol 8b page 276 John BROWN
97 Vol 8b page 276 ?? John BROWN
98 HMS Pretoria Castle was an armed merchant cruiser and escort aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy that saw service during World War II. She had previously been the ocean liner Pretoria Castle of the Union-Castle Line; built at Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Northern Ireland and launched in 1938.
She was requisitioned by the Royal Navy in October 1939, and converted to an armed merchant cruiser with 6-inch and 3-inch guns, entering service in November 1939. In this role she served mainly in the South Atlantic.
In July 1942 she was bought outright by the Navy for conversion to an escort carrier at the Swan Hunter shipyards in Tyne and Wear. She was commissioned in this role in July 1943 and was operated as a trials and training carrier, seeing no active combat service.
In 1945 she became part of aviation history when British test pilot Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown landed Bell Airacobra Mk1 on her flight deck - the first carrier landing made using an aircraft with a tricycle undercarriage. This was due to a declared emergency during initial trials for rubber deck landings planned for future carriers.
Post-war, the ship was sold back to the Union-Castle Line in 1946 and converted back to a passenger liner, being renamed the Warwick Castle and operating on routes from England to South Africa. She was eventually sold and scrapped in Barcelona in 1962. 
Leslie BROWN
99 Liverpool 8b p 99 Richard BROWN
100 Lived at 12 Elswick Street, Darwen when son Walter was killed in WW1, Nov 1916. Hannah BURY

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