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,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Linacre, George Alfred  3 Jul 1865,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7591
102 Linacre, Martha Ellen  Abt 1845,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7533
103 Linacre, Thomas  Abt 1839,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7554
104 LOGAN, Nora  1883,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4261
105 MAGINNES, Catherine  1844,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2075
106 MAGINNES, Ellen  22 Feb 1853,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2053
107 MAGINNES, John  1815,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2060
108 MAGINNES, John  1849,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2086
109 MAGINNES, John  1860,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2074
110 MAGINNES, William  1850,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2085
111 MATKIN, Alan Thomas  27 Jul 1913,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2605
112 Meacham, Robert  Abt 1900,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5128
113 MITCHELL, Isabella Fettes  1902,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2973
114 Molyneux, Alice  Abt 1865,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6666
115 Nelson, Ellen  5 Dec 1793,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2061
116 NEWMAN, Elizabeth  1849,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2239
117 Risley, Charlotte  1876,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6267
118 ROBERTSON  1871,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2501
119 ROBERTSON, Charlotte  1865,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2660
120 ROBERTSON, Elizabeth  1871,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2662
121 ROBERTSON, Elizabeth Robin Mitchell  10 Oct 1838,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2673
122 ROBERTSON, Ellen Ferguson  1846,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2366
123 ROBERTSON, George  1878,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2664
124 ROBERTSON, Hugh  1875,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2663
125 ROBERTSON, Isabella Annie  Dec 1877,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2502
126 ROBERTSON, James  1842,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2364
127 ROBERTSON, Jane  1869,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2661
128 Robertson, Jean  Abt 1844,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5102
129 ROBINSON, Ann  24 May 1819,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2059
130 ROBINSON, Edwin  1840,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5396
131 Robinson, George  23 Dec 1794,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5393
132 Robinson, James  5 Aug 1788,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5391
133 ROBINSON, James  1836,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5395
134 ROBINSON, Richard  1813,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2126
135 Robinson, Robert  10 Oct 1784,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5390
136 Robinson, Thomas  2 May 1790,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5392
137 Robinson, William  5 Jul 1782,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5389
138 ROBINSON, William  25 Sep 1791,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2073
139 ROUGHSEDGE, Anna  1841,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4336
140 ROUGHSEDGE, Edward  1830,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3982
141 ROUGHSEDGE, James William  1828,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3984
142 ROUGHSEDGE, John  1880,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2268
143 ROUGHSEDGE, Mary Martha  1835,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4394
144 Roughsedge, Susan  Abt 1875,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5217
145 ROUGHSEDGE, Thomas  1822,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4396
146 ROUGHSEDGE, Thomas E.  1869,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2270
147 ROUGHSEDGE, William  1837,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4395
148 ROUGHSEDGE, William J.  1873,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2271
149 SLOAN, Annie  Sep 1910,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2520
150 Sloan, Catherine  Abt 1848,,,Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7642

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