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Blackburn, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  1788Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1872
2 ASPDEN, Ellen  1788Blackburn, Lancashire, England I703
3 BROWN, Betsy  Abt 1835Blackburn, Lancashire, England I88
4 BROWN, Eliza  Abt 1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I391
5 CORNALL, George R  Abt 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1881
6 CORNALL, Gladys Mary  28 Aug 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I477
7 CROSSLAND, Eleanor  1889Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1159
8 DEWHURST, Marian  24 Mar 1931Blackburn, Lancashire, England I115
9 DRINKWATER, Rubienus  17 Jun 1909Blackburn, Lancashire, England I199
10 DUCKWORTH, Fred  Abt 1892Blackburn, Lancashire, England I388
11 DUERDEN, Ashworth  Abt 1860Blackburn, Lancashire, England I212
12 DUERDEN, Deborah  1846Blackburn, Lancashire, England I111
13 DUERDEN, Isabella  1867Blackburn, Lancashire, England I12
14 DUERDEN, James  Abt 1867Blackburn, Lancashire, England I487
15 DUERDEN, Joseph  Abt 1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England I489
16 DUERDEN, Peter  1869Blackburn, Lancashire, England I281
17 DUERDEN, Thomas  Abt 1858Blackburn, Lancashire, England I346
18 DUERDEN, William H  Abt 1844Blackburn, Lancashire, England I175
19 DUXBURY, Betty  08 Sep 1839Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1073
20 DUXBURY, William  1825Blackburn, Lancashire, England I330
21 ENTWISLE, Alice Jane  1895Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1007
22 ENTWISLE, Mary  Jul 1894Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1139
23 ENTWISTLE, Albert Edward  09 Jun 1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England I180
24 ENTWISTLE, Alice  1890Blackburn, Lancashire, England I483
25 ENTWISTLE, Amy  7th September 1892Blackburn, Lancashire, England I330
26 ENTWISTLE, Betty  Abt 1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1017
27 ENTWISTLE, Charles  1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I263
28 ENTWISTLE, Charlie  Abt 1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I148
29 ENTWISTLE, Elizabeth M  1892Blackburn, Lancashire, England I480
30 ENTWISTLE, Florence  Abt 1890Blackburn, Lancashire, England I387
31 ENTWISTLE, Isabella  27 Sep 1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I355
32 ENTWISTLE, Joseph  Mar 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I329
33 ENTWISTLE, Mary Ann  Abt 1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1883
34 ENTWISTLE, Phoebe  1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England I266
35 ENTWISTLE, Rachael  1876Blackburn, Lancashire, England I478
36 ENTWISTLE, Richard  12 Jun 1899Blackburn, Lancashire, England I482
37 ENTWISTLE, Thomas Edward  01 Oct 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I305
38 ENTWISTLE, William Edward  Sep 1886Blackburn, Lancashire, England I481
39 FARRADAY, Sarah E  Abt 1857Blackburn, Lancashire, England I101
40 GARNER, Mary A  1863Blackburn, Lancashire, England I136
41 HALL, Elizabeth  1851Blackburn, Lancashire, England I121
42 HARWOOD, Thomas Pickersgill  02 Jan 1920Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2249
43 HAYHURST, Mary  1821Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1074
44 HAYHURST, Nancy  Apr 1817Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1880
45 HEAP, Alice  Mar 1863Blackburn, Lancashire, England I337
46 HEAP, Andrew  Sep 1865Blackburn, Lancashire, England I336
47 HEAP, Catherine  Jun 1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I338
48 HEAP, John  03 Oct 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I340
49 HEAP, Michael  Jun 1862Blackburn, Lancashire, England I843
50 HEAP, Sarah Ann  Abt 1860Blackburn, Lancashire, England I395

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellen  Mar 1917Blackburn, Lancashire, England I383
2 CLEGG, Nancy  Mar 1927Blackburn, Lancashire, England I596
3 CORNALL, Gladys Mary  31 Oct 1990Blackburn, Lancashire, England I477
4 CROSSLAND, Sarah Ann  1944Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1599
5 DEAN, Annie  Apr-May-Jun 1960Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2297
6 DRINKWATER, Rubienus  Mar 1998Blackburn, Lancashire, England I199
7 ENTWISLE, Andrew  Jun 1910Blackburn, Lancashire, England I441
8 ENTWISLE, James Proctor  Mar 1936Blackburn, Lancashire, England I193
9 ENTWISLE, James William  Feb 1986Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2195
10 ENTWISLE, Mary  Mar 1895Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1139
11 ENTWISLE, William  Dec 1987Blackburn, Lancashire, England I950
12 ENTWISTLE, Ada  Dec 1975Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1402
13 ENTWISTLE, Charles  Sep 1930Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1266
14 ENTWISTLE, Charles  08 Jan 1960Blackburn, Lancashire, England I87
15 ENTWISTLE, Florence  Dec 1991Blackburn, Lancashire, England I90
16 ENTWISTLE, Joseph  Sep 1904Blackburn, Lancashire, England I329
17 ENTWISTLE, Mary  Dec 1974Blackburn, Lancashire, England I559
18 ENTWISTLE, Norah  Mar 1997Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1793
19 ENTWISTLE, Thomas Edward  1936Blackburn, Lancashire, England I305
20 ENTWISTLE, William  20 Mar 1886Blackburn, Lancashire, England I154
21 FARRADAY, John  Oct 1868Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1132
22 GARNER, Arnold  Dec 1981Blackburn, Lancashire, England I118
23 GARNER, Ralph Walsh  Mar 1919Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2185
24 GARNER, William  Between Apr and Jun 1905Blackburn, Lancashire, England I131
25 HAYHURST, Betty  Dec 1882Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1004
26 HAYHURST, Nancy  Jul 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1880
27 HEAP, Andrew  Jun 1912Blackburn, Lancashire, England I336
28 HEAP, John  Jun 1895Blackburn, Lancashire, England I340
29 HEAP, Michael  Oct 1877Blackburn, Lancashire, England I878
30 KIRKHAM, William  Jun 1954Blackburn, Lancashire, England I865
31 LEAVER, John  26 Feb 1958Blackburn, Lancashire, England I297
32 MARSDEN, Catherine  Between Apr and Jun 1915Blackburn, Lancashire, England I887
33 MASSEY, Martha  Between Apr and Jun 1909Blackburn, Lancashire, England I432
34 NORRIS, John  Abt 1847Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1119
35 O'MALLEY, Bridget  Aug 1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England I80
36 PROCTOR, Connie  Apr 1920Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1154
37 SCAHILL, Edward  Apr 1996Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1620
38 SHUTTLEWORTH, Robert  01 Feb 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1591
39 SHUTTLEWORTH, Sarah  Nov 1846Blackburn, Lancashire, England I769
40 SIDDALL, Ann  Apr 1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1859
41 STARKIE, Bertha  Dec 1969Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2021
42 TAYLOR, Ronald  Oct 1986Blackburn, Lancashire, England I283
43 Tingley, Edward  Apr 1908Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2357
44 TODD, Eric Alfred  Jan 1990Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1517
45 TOPLIS, Elizabeth Alice  Oct 1998Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1103
46 TYSON, Kathleen  Q2 1959Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2320
47 WADDICOR, Catherine  Dec 1889Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1668
48 WEST, John henry  29 Nov 1936Blackburn, Lancashire, England I321
49 WHEWELL, James  09 May 1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1126
50 WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth Ann  01 Sep 1966Blackburn, Lancashire, England I303


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CORNALL, Gladys Mary  07 Oct 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I477
2 DUCKWORTH, William  15 Oct 1815Blackburn, Lancashire, England I780
3 ENTWISTLE, Isabella  16 Oct 1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I355
4 ENTWISTLE, Richard  16 Jul 1899Blackburn, Lancashire, England I482
5 ENTWISTLE, Thomas  09 Sep 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I464
6 ENTWISTLE, Thomas Edward  17 Oct 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I305
7 GARNER, John Thomas  16 Apr 1833Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1831
8 HAWORTH, Henry  04 Mar 1829Blackburn, Lancashire, England I6
9 HEAP, John  26 Oct 1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England I340
10 LEAVER, John  02 Mar 1879Blackburn, Lancashire, England I297
11 NORRIS, Alexander  30 Jul 1825Blackburn, Lancashire, England I387
12 STARKIE, James Henry  28 Aug 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I51


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ENTWISTLE, Mary Ellen  Abt 1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England I328
2 ENTWISTLE, Phoebe  Abt 1872Blackburn, Lancashire, England I266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 BANKS, Harry  Oct 1912Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1550
2 Stokes, Sarah Ann  Oct 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2350
3 WADDICOR, John Bright  Oct 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I2152


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHCROFT, Samuel  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I127
2 ASHWORTH, Deborah  1851Blackburn, Lancashire, England I219
3 ASHWORTH, Deborah  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I219
4 ASHWORTH, Deborah  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I219
5 ASHWORTH, Deborah  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I219
6 ASPDEN, Catherine  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I547
7 ASPDEN, Ellen  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I703
8 BARKER, Mary  1851Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1568
9 BESWICK, Ann  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1984
10 BESWICK, John L  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1983
11 BESWICK, Joshua Pickup  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1120
12 BESWICK, Joshua Pickup  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1120
13 BESWICK, Mary Ann  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1659
14 BESWICK, Michael  1841Blackburn, Lancashire, England I830
15 BOULD, Mary Ann  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I80
16 BOULD, Mary Ann  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I80
17 BOULD, Mary Ann  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I80
18 BOULD, Mary Ann  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I80
19 BROWN, Betsy  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I88
20 BROWN, Eliza  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I391
21 BROWN, Eliza  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I391
22 BROWN, Eliza  02 Apr 1911Blackburn, Lancashire, England I391
23 CHADWICK, Ellen  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I123
24 COCKSHOT, Ann  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1653
25 CORNALL, Ellen Ada  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1063
26 CORNALL, Ellen Ada  02 Apr 1911Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1063
27 CORNALL, George R  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1881
28 CORNALL, George R  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1881
29 CORNALL, George R  02 Apr 1911Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1881
30 CORNALL, Gladys Mary  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I477
31 CORNALL, Gladys Mary  02 Apr 1911Blackburn, Lancashire, England I477
32 CORNALL, John  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1288
33 CORNALL, John  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1288
34 CORNALL, John  02 Apr 1911Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1288
35 CROSSLAND, Eleanor  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1159
36 CROSSLAND, Mary Elizabeth  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1938
37 CROSSLAND, Richard  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I794
38 CROSSLAND, Ruth  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I130
39 CROSSLAND, Ruth  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I130
40 CROSSLAND, Samuel  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I727
41 CROSSLAND, Sarah Ann  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1599
42 CROSSLAND, William  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1874
43 CROSSLAND, William  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1874
44 DUCKWORTH, Fred  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I388
45 DUERDEN, Ashworth  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I212
46 DUERDEN, Charles  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1368
47 DUERDEN, George  1851Blackburn, Lancashire, England I347
48 DUERDEN, George  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I347
49 DUERDEN, George  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I347
50 DUERDEN, Isabella  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I12

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID 
1 ENTWISTLE, Thomas  Abt 1965Blackburn, Lancashire, England I464


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / ENTWISLE  25 May 1773Blackburn, Lancashire, England F564
2 / ENTWISTLE  30 Oct 1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England F111
3 CORNALL / BROWN  04 Aug 1885Blackburn, Lancashire, England F271
4 CRITCHLEY / ENTWISLE  Between Jul and Sep 1929Blackburn, Lancashire, England F43
5 CROOK / WADDICOR  1902Blackburn, Lancashire, England F319
6 DUXBURY / BURROWS  09 Feb 1824Blackburn, Lancashire, England F145
7 DUXBURY / TAYLOR  Abt 1704Blackburn, Lancashire, England F5
8 ECCLES / KIRKHAM  1852Blackburn, Lancashire, England F13
9 ENTWISLE / ENTWISTLE  Oct 1893Blackburn, Lancashire, England F165
10 ENTWISLE / WADDICOR  Between Jan and Mar 1874Blackburn, Lancashire, England F356
11 GARNER / WALSH  Between Jul and Sep 1874Blackburn, Lancashire, England F488
12 HARGREAVES / GARNER  Between Jul and Sep 1910Blackburn, Lancashire, England F508
13 HARWOOD /   31 Mar 1850Blackburn, Lancashire, England F552
14 HARWOOD / WALSH  1850Blackburn, Lancashire, England F31
15 HOLDEN / SHARPLES  Jul 1927Blackburn, Lancashire, England F256
16 MARSDEN /   03 Nov 1776Blackburn, Lancashire, England F570
17 MARSDEN / NIGHTINGALE  13 Jul 1806Blackburn, Lancashire, England F176
18 MARSDEN / WALKDEN  09 Jun 1834Blackburn, Lancashire, England F300
19 NORRIS / SHUTTLEWORTH  22 Sep 1803Blackburn, Lancashire, England F19
20 SHUTTLEWORTH / SOUTHWORTH  15 Feb 1768Blackburn, Lancashire, England F196
21 STARKIE / CROSSLAND  Oct 1903Blackburn, Lancashire, England F12
22 STARKIE / GIBSON  1873Blackburn, Lancashire, England F250
23 WADDICOR / FISH  1820Blackburn, Lancashire, England F317
24 WADDICOR / HINDLE  03 Sep 1849Blackburn, Lancashire, England F627
25 WADDICOR / Stokes  Oct 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, england F174
26 WHEWELL / BRIGGS  1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England F645
27 WILSON / HOLMES  Mar 1885Blackburn, Lancashire, England F249