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Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHWORTH, Peggy  1781Lancashire, England I1573
2 BESWICK, John  Abt 1806Lancashire, England I845
3 CROOK, Mary Ann  Jun 1844Lancashire, England I40
4 ENTWISLE, Ann  1834Lancashire, England I2169
5 ENTWISLE, John  Abt 1775Lancashire, England I245
6 ENTWISTLE, Betsy  1874Lancashire, England I265
7 GARNER, John Thomas  11 Jan 1833Lancashire, England I1831
8 HARWOOD, John  Abt 1833Lancashire, England I1080
9 HOLDEN, Ann  Abt 1770Lancashire, England I912
10 HOLDEN, Frederic  Abt 1875Lancashire, England I861
11 MARSDEN, John  1765Lancashire, England I438
12 MELLING, Richard  Abt 1762Lancashire, England I194
13 NORRIS, William  Abt 1783Lancashire, England I91
14 PEARSON, Ann  Abt 1813Lancashire, England I116
15 SOUTHWORTH, Esther  24 Jun 1749Lancashire, England I1116
16 SOUTHWORTH, Michael  Abt 1720Lancashire, England I1481
17 UNKNOWN, Alice  1801Lancashire, England I1724
18 WADDICOR, Alice  Abt 1822Lancashire, England I2209
19 WADDICOR, Edmund  1776Lancashire, England I1921
20 WADDICOR, Elizabeth  08 Jan 1813Lancashire, England I609
21 WADDICOR, Hannah  Abt 1840Lancashire, England I1662
22 WADDICOR, Richard  08 Nov 1816Lancashire, England I1848
23 WADDICOR, Susan (Nah)  Abt 1838Lancashire, England I1269
24 WHITELEY, Hannah  1792Lancashire, England I458
25 WOODHEAD, Ann  Abt 1801Lancashire, England I362
26 WORSLEY, Sarah Wife of Richard  Abt 1770Lancashire, England I2092
27 YATES, Alice  1834Lancashire, England I1493
28 YATES, Ellen  1844Lancashire, England I972
29 YATES, Frances  1847Lancashire, England I1754
30 YATES, James  1837Lancashire, England I1283
31 YATES, Nancy  1842Lancashire, England I1480
32 YATES, Sarah  1850Lancashire, England I643
33 YATES, Thomas  1829Lancashire, England I208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERTON, Elizabeth  28 Mar 1924Lancashire, England I2299
2 ASHWORTH, Richard  11 Dec 1922Lancashire, England I1213
3 ASHWORTH, Sarah  27 Oct 1906Lancashire, England I1923
4 BRETHERTON, Jas  Dec 1916Lancashire, England I1145
5 BURROWS, Sarah  06 Mar 1892Lancashire, England I1163
6 CALVEY, Thomas Gilbert  11 Apr 1954Lancashire, England I1797
7 CROOK, Jack  Dec 1992Lancashire, England I1040
8 DEAN, Edmund  28 Mar 1930Lancashire, England I2300
9 DEAN, Susannah  05 Nov 1933Lancashire, England I1048
10 DUCKWORTH, James  1815Lancashire, England I1768
11 Duckworth, James  1815Lancashire, England I2329
12 DUERDEN, Ashworth  1862Lancashire, England I212
13 DUXBURY, David  Sep 1886Lancashire, England I362
14 ENTWISLE, Andrew  Dec 1876Lancashire, England I1570
15 HAWORTH, Nicholas Fish  30 Jul 1933Lancashire, England I1891
16 HOLDEN, Betsy  Jan 1896Lancashire, England I1018
17 HOLDEN, Elizabeth  Dec 1875Lancashire, England I618
18 HOLDEN, John  Oct 1888Lancashire, England I1640
19 HOLDEN, Thomas  Apr 1866Lancashire, England I1700
20 MARSDEN, Alice  Dec 1901Lancashire, England I1666
21 MARSDEN, Andrew  Jun 1867Lancashire, England I1665
22 MARSDEN, Henry  Mar 1891Lancashire, England I888
23 WADDICOR, Andrew  1874Lancashire, England I1478
24 WADDICOR, James  19 Feb 1888Lancashire, England I2232
25 WADDICOR, Lucy  Feb 1947Lancashire, England I1167
26 WADDICOR, Mary Ellen  Sep 1873Lancashire, England I2278
27 WOODBURN, Elizabeth Betty  07 Jan 1892Lancashire, England I648
28 WRIGHT, Isabella  Q4 1895Lancashire, England I7751
29 YATES, Alice  1872Lancashire, England I1493
30 YATES, Frances  24 Dec 1862Lancashire, England I1754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WADDICOR, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Lancashire, England I361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 CROSSLAND, John  1878Lancashire, England I791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CALVEY, Patrick  25 Jul 1865Lancashire, England I1057
2 DUCKWORTH, William  Easter 1834Lancashire, England I780
3 GARNER, William  25 Apr 1887Lancashire, England I1901
4 WHEWELL, Edmund  19 May 1842Lancashire, England I2114


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHWORTH / ECCLES  22 Jan 1887Lancashire, England F215
2 ENTWISTLE / CROOK  Dec 1864Lancashire, England F68
3 WADDICOR / WADDICOR  1752Lancashire, England F104