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The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. 1
The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. 1
1. Fly We To Some Desert Isle (Emily Smith)
2. Hey Donald, How Donald (Wendy Weatherby)
3. Rob Roryson's Bannet (Gillian MacDonald)
4. The Braes o Balquhidder (John Croall)
5. The Five Friends (Jim Reid)
6. Coggie Thou Heals Me (Ross Kennedy)
7. Meg o the Glen (John Croall)
8. When John and I were Married (Gillian MacDonald)
9. Jessie, The Flow'r o Dunblane (Ross Kennedy)
10. O Are Ye Sleeping Maggie (Jim Reid)
11. Barrochan Jean (John Morran)
12. Och Hey! Johnny Lad (Emily Smith)
13. The Dear Highland Laddie O (Gillian MacDonald)
14. Yon Burn Side (Ian Anderson)
15. With Waefu' Heart (Wendy Weatherby)
16. I'll Hie Me To The Shieling Hill (Ross Kennedy)
17. Molly My Dear (Ross Kennedy)
18. Eild (Fred Freeman)
19. I'll Lay Me On The Wintry Lea (Emily Smith)

Accompanying musicians include: Corrina Hewat (Harp) and Sandy Brechin (Accordian). 
The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. 2
The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol. 2
1. My Mary (Jim Malcolm)
2. Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa (Emily Smith)
3. One Night in my Youth (Brian O' Headhra)
4. Brave Lewie Roy (Nick Keir)
5. The Soldier's Adieu (Steve Byrne)
6. While the Grey Pinioned Lark (Emily Smith)
7. Fragment of a Scottish Ballad (Lucy Pringle)
8. Bonnie Winsome Mary (Brian O' Headhra)
9. Come Hame Tae Yer Lingels (Jim Malcolm)
10. Oor Bonnie Scots Lads (Lucy Pringle)
11. Hey Donald, How Donald (original version) (Marieke McBean)
12. The Lomond (Steve Byrne)
13. Peggy O'Rafferty (Brian O' Headhra)
14. Mine Ain Dear Somebody (Emily Smith)
15. O Lassie Will Ye Tak a Man? (Steve Byrne)
16. Kitty Tyrell (Brian O' Headhra)
17. O Sair I Rue the Witless Wish (Steve Byrne)
18. Noo Winter Wi His Cloody Broo (Nick Keir)
19. Poem: On Seeing a Spider... (Fred Freeman)
20. The Soldier's Widow (Lucy Pringle)
21. Bonnie Hielan Laddie (Jim Malcolm)