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Turton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Turton, Lancashire, England I2299
2 ASHWORTH, Annie  Abt 1893Turton, Lancashire, England I300
3 ASHWORTH, David  Abt 1900Turton, Lancashire, England I2091
4 ASHWORTH, Herbert  Abt 1895Turton, Lancashire, England I1451
5 ASHWORTH, Mary Ellen  Abt 1898Turton, Lancashire, England I1053
6 DEAN, Edmund  Abt 1848Turton, Lancashire, England I2300
7 DEAN, Elizabeth Alice  Abt 1890Turton, Lancashire, England I2301
8 DEAN, John  Abt 1888Turton, Lancashire, England I2294
9 DEAN, Susannah  Sep 1886Turton, Lancashire, England I1048
10 ENTWISLE, Betsey  Abt 1838Turton, Lancashire, England I1087
11 ENTWISTLE, Ann  1813Turton, Lancashire, England I172
12 ENTWISTLE, Edward  07 Jan 1781Turton, Lancashire, England I5
13 ENTWISTLE, John  02 Jan 1774Turton, Lancashire, England I173
14 ENTWISTLE, Joseph  30 Mar 1777Turton, Lancashire, England I160
15 ENTWISTLE, Robert  03 Sep 1770Turton, Lancashire, England I285
16 ENTWISTLE, Thomas  Abt 1744Turton, Lancashire, England I117
17 MARSDEN, Hannah J  Abt 1861Turton, Lancashire, England I1046
18 NORRIS, John  1777Turton, Lancashire, England I1539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HORROCKS, Ellen  30 Jun 1811Turton, Lancashire, England I170


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 KNOWLES, John  27 Jul 1834Turton, Lancashire, England I907


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERTON, Elizabeth  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I2299
2 ANDERTON, Elizabeth  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2299
3 ASHWORTH, Annie  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I300
4 ASHWORTH, Annie  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I300
5 ASHWORTH, David  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I615
6 ASHWORTH, David  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2091
7 ASHWORTH, David  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2091
8 ASHWORTH, Herbert  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I1451
9 ASHWORTH, Herbert  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I1451
10 ASHWORTH, James  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1585
11 ASHWORTH, James  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1105
12 ASHWORTH, James  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I1585
13 ASHWORTH, Jane E  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1152
14 ASHWORTH, Margaret A.  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1181
15 ASHWORTH, Margaret A.  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1181
16 ASHWORTH, Margaret A.  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I1181
17 ASHWORTH, Mary Ann  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I982
18 ASHWORTH, Mary Ellen  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I1053
19 ASHWORTH, Richard  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I1213
20 BLEZZARD, Mary Ann  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I1186
21 DEAN, Edmund  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I2300
22 DEAN, Edmund  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2300
23 DEAN, Elizabeth Alice  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2301
24 DEAN, John  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I2294
25 DEAN, John  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I2294
26 DEAN, Susannah  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I1048
27 DEAN, Susannah  1901Turton, Lancashire, England I1048
28 DUXBURY, Ellen  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I851
29 DUXBURY, Ellen  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I851
30 DUXBURY, Ellen  1881Turton, Lancashire, England I851
31 DUXBURY, Ellen  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I851
32 DUXBURY, Ellen  1891Turton, Lancashire, England I851
33 ENTWISLE, William  1861Turton, Lancashire, England I1716